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Quality requirements for suppliers

The competitiveness and position of the Schaeffler Group on the world market is decisively determined by the quality of its products. In this context, the perfect condition and reliability of the products and services purchased from suppliers have a pivotal influence on the highly technical production processes and the quality of the manufactured products. The quality requirements of the Schaeffler Group to its suppliers and sub-suppliers (customer-specific requirements) have been reviewed below based on international quality standards and in the course of this converted into a modulare concept (structure according to business divisions).

In the new modular concept the quality assurance Agreement is put together flexibly in order to match the Supplier’s scope of supply and services. The quality assurance requirements described in the respective documents represent a summary of international quality standards and Schaeffler's requirements going beyond these. These are the foundation for cooperation and serve to pass on customer-specific requirements that must be complied with. It is therefore necessary to complete a quality assurance agreement.

Details of individual methods, their depth of application and, if necessary, individual templates are regulated by these quality standards. These reflect the current state of technical know-how, which could change at any time, therefore the contents are adapted when necessary. For new orders or projects, we expect the application of the latest standards provided here (unless other individual agreements have been made) without renewal of the above-mentioned quality assurance agreement.

These quality standards are controlled documents and are subject to the revision service. The current valid version is always available on this website.

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New modular concept of Quality Assurance Agreement

The new modular concept supports our efforts to respond more flexibly to customer requirements from different industries and to address them to our suppliers in a more application-oriented way. With the pillars "One Contract for all Suppliers" and "One Structure", we are jointly committing ourselves to a minimum level of quality comprehension and target specification. In addition, we are expanding the Quality Assurance Agreement to include additional quality requirements depending on the scope of supply and services under the key words "Flexibility for business" and "Create & Add to Need".

Business Letter Quality Assurance Agreement


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