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IAA Mobility 2021 Schaeffler PROVA

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Space Drive 3 Add-ON is designed for maximum safety and meets the exacting functional safety requirements of ISO 26262.

24/08/2021 | Herzogenaurach/Munich

  • Space Drive 3 Add-ON: next-generation steer-by-wire technology supports simplified integration into existing vehicle architectures and reaches maturity for commercialization
  • Schaeffler handwheel actuator (HWA) replaces conventional steering wheel and mechanical steering column with mechatronic actuators, opening up new possibilities for cab interior layout
  • New rolling chassis as scalable platform for driverless mobility

Schaeffler is steadily expanding its involvement in autonomous mobility based on intelligent chassis systems. At IAA Mobility 2021, the automotive and industrial supplier will be unveiling Space Drive 3 Add-ON, the third generation of its Space Drive drive-by-wire system, a multiple redundant technology that paves the way for autonomous driving. The showcase highlights the technology’s maturity for commercialization. The mechatronic systems on display will include the premiere of Schaeffler’s force-feedback handwheel (HWA), as well as its safety and comfort-enhancing intelligent real wheel steering (iRWS) technology. Schaeffler will also be presenting its new rolling chassis, a vehicle platform that opens the way to completely new forms of autonomous mobility. “Thanks to our work in this area, we are fast becoming the technology partner of choice for highly integrated chassis solutions,” said Matthias Zink, Schaeffler’s CEO Automotive Technologies. “Combined with our electric drive technologies, these solutions represent pioneering innovations in autonomous mobility. The key to it all is the wealth of expertise in components and systems that we have amassed over many decades and that we are now able to apply at the whole-vehicle level.”

Space Drive steer-by-wire system ready for production
Schaeffler’s Space Drive steer-by-wire system transmits driving and steering commands to the vehicle wheels via purely electronic signals, opening the way for autonomous driving. The technology has been proven in the field, with more than a billion accident-free kilometers driven so far, and is undergoing fine-tuning under extreme conditions in motorsport applications. The latest generation of this technology, Space Drive 3 Add-ON, is ready for small-volume production and will be on show at IAA Mobility. The Space Drive system is triple redundant for maximum safety and meets the exacting functional safety requirements of ISO 26262. Generation 3 is based on the AUTOSAR software standard, meaning it can interface directly with vehicle electronics and onboard communication and network architectures, enabling it to be integrated into existing vehicle assistance systems. “Space Drive 3 is a major milestone for us,” explained Viktor Molnar, Head of Chassis Systems at Schaeffler. “It means we can offer our customers a production-ready steer-by-wire system that is highly scalable and extremely flexible. What’s more, the system can record every steering parameter, which in self-driving vehicles enables feedback for the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS).”

Mechatronic solutions for enhanced comfort and safety
At the upcoming IAA Mobility show, Schaeffler will be unveiling its force-feedback handwheel actuator (HWA), a mechatronic solution that replaces the conventional steering wheel and mechanical steering column. This reduces the amount of space required for the steering system and opens up completely new possibilities for the design of cab interiors – such as the ability to stow the wheel in the center console when in (semi-)autonomous driving mode. The system can suppress undesirable feedback, such as vibrations from uneven road surfaces, and supports variable steering gear ratios, enabling new driving dynamics functions. The HWA is also modular and scalable, so it can be adapted to various applications and classes of vehicle. Combined with the Space Drive steer-by-wire system and mechatronic actuators on the steering gear, it provides intelligent front wheel steering (iFWS). Schaeffler will also be showcasing its intelligent mechatronic rear wheel steering system (iRWS), which is an extremely lightweight solution, weighing no more than eight kilograms, and delivers enhanced safety and ride comfort.

Rolling chassis: technologies for new mobility solutions
The showcase will also include Schaeffler’s rolling chassis, a modular, scalable vehicle platform that enables new, driverless mobility solutions for passenger and freight transport as well as for specialized applications, such as cleaning machines. The platform demonstrates Schaeffler’s wide range of mobility technologies. Its flexible architecture supports a broad array of steering and drive variants to suit customer requirements – everything from single electric axles in combination with central steering to implementations incorporating four Schaeffler corner modules. Schaeffler has further optimized its corner modules for scalability and readiness for volume production. Each one allows a steering angle of up to 90 degrees and comprises a wheel hub motor, a wheel suspension system incorporating air suspension that enables the vehicle to “kneel” for greater ease of access, an actuator for electromechanical steering, and a brake mechanism.

You can visit Schaeffler at IAA Mobility at Booth 80 in Hall B3. The company’s tradeshow press conference will be held on September 6, 2021, at 1:45 p.m. and will be streamed live at https://schaeffler.gomexlive.com/

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